More Cooperation and Exchanges Anticipated between ASIPP and CCFE

      Headed by Prof Steve Cowley, Chief Executive Officer, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Head of Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE ), a five-member UK fusion delegation visited ASIPP on December 4 -5, including Dr Thomas Todd and Andrew Hancock from CCFE, Prof Howard Read Wilson,York Plasma Institute; and Dr Kostya Trachenko, Queen Mary University of London. Their visit was accompanied by Consul Tim Standbrrok, British Consulate-General Shanghai and other two consulate officers.

      Prof LI Jiangang welcomed the guests, and gave them a report on progress and future plan of EAST. In his report, Prof Li introduced the achievement in EAST latest experiment campaign: flexible plasma control; 32s long pulse H-modes with LHCD and ICRH, facilitated by active lithium (Li) and cryopumping; over 400s long pulse divertor plasma, which was fully driven by LHCD with active-cooled PFC and internal cryopump. Prof Li explained ITER project in the institute and EAST future plan, which he says provides great cooperation opportunities for whole world fusion community.

       After the introduction, the delegates toured ICRH lab, NBI lab, EAST Hall, cryogenic lab, Superconductivity lab, ITER CICC Workshop, and ITER CC production line; the host and guests exchange ideas and thoughts on lots of technical issues. During their visit, the delegates gave three talks in ASIPP: “JET D-T Operation” by Prof S. Cowley; “MAST-U” by Dr Thomas Todd; “Simulation of Energy Material Radiation” by Dr Kostya Trachenko.

      In May 2007, ASIPP and CCFE signed an overarching S&T cooperation agreement.  Based on the Agreement, this time two sides had a deep discussion on materializing and implementing the agreement. Two parties have come to an understanding that in the coming years, two institutes will carry out joint experiment on EAST and MAST, have a number of personnel exchange every year, and collaborate on NBI, cryogenics, RH antenna, tungsten divertor and so on. An appendix to the bilateral cooperation agreement will be signed shortly.

Prof LI Jiangang 

Prof Steve Cowley


The delegates tour EAST Hall


The meeting