An advanced generation of parabolic trough mirrors makes solar thermal power plants even more efficient

Flabeg FE GmbH, the international market leader and manufacturer of solar mirrors, has developed a new generation of parabolic trough mirrors. The new mirror combines higher strength with a superior precision of curvature and highest solar reflectivity.

“Power plant operators benefit in more ways than one from our mirrors,” explains Franz Reimer, Head of Flabeg Research and Development Division, “The enhanced performance of the mirrors means that the effective solar area can be made smaller. The need for collectors and their components is reduced, making further cost savings possible.”

The relevant quality parameter for accuracy, the focus deviation (FDx) today is lower than 6 mm – an improvement of more than 1 mm compared to the already outstanding quality set by Flabeg mirrors in 2013. In combination with a solar reflectivity of more than 94.5% Flabeg again sets the benchmark for the CSP industry.

As a pioneer in the field of solar technology with a worldwide network, Flabeg produces flat and curved mirrors for all CSP technologies – Parabolic Trough, Dish Stirling, Power Tower and Linear Fresnel Systems, as well as customized mirrors for CPV applications. Thanks to the latest bending and coating technologies, Flabeg solar mirrors provide the highest degree of precision and reflectance .The extremely robust mirrors were installed in the first commercially operated power stations in the early 1980s. These mirrors are still in daily operation today, without any decline in performance or efficiency. Flabeg has been expanding its skills in the area of engineering services and project development support in parabolic trough technology. The company has developed a new collector design – the Ultimate Trough Collector. The design goal, a 20-25% higher cost efficiency compared to currently available technology is proven in a full demo-loop, integrated and operated in a commercially operating solar thermal plant in the US since 2013. Flabeg received the SolarPaces Technology Innovation Award for the Ultimate Trough in 2013.

FLABEG FE GmbH is present as Silver Sponsor at the SolarPACES 2014 conference to be held in Beijing from September 16 to 19.