Rioglass Introduces its New Large Aperture Trough Receiver

Rioglass, the world leader in the production of the highest quality reflectors and receivers for the Concentrated Solar Power and Concentrated Photovoltaic markets is proud to introduce its cutting edge and unrivaled 90mm diameter receiver tube, the UVAC 90. This next generation of receiver provides our clients superior solar heat absorption with reduced heat losses, and sets a new benchmark for thermal heat production using parabolic trough technology. The Xina project being constructed in South Africa, will be the first industrial plant fitted with this product.


The primary focus of project developers has been to improve the efficiency of their CSP installations while continuing to drive cost out of the process. One of the methods used to achieve this objective is through the use of larger aperture troughs which enables more energy to be concentrated onto the receiver, hence increasing the energy output per unit. Once again, Rioglass has responded to the needs of the market by developing this larger UVAC 90 receiver which assures maximum energy absorption from the larger troughs.
About Rioglass

Rioglass is an international company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with offices located across the globe and highly automated manufacturing facilities operating in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, as well as a unit under construction in Chile. Awarded the CSP Today Technology Innovation Award in 2011 and 2013 proves Innovation is embedded in the company´s culture. Rioglass was the first company to introduce tempered parabolic mirrors to the market as well as the first to commercially deploy heliostat mirror facets with an integrated support structure. The UVAC 90 is the company’s state-of-the-art solution for receiver tube technology.

Capitalizing on an extensive experience of over 25 years of engineering in the CSP and related industries, Rioglass is now the world leading supplier of concentrating mirrors and CSP receiver tubes.

Rioglass offers superior economic solutions based on innovative designs and concepts, combined with highly automated production capabilities to deliver the most cutting edge, industry leading, top performing products to our customers worldwide.